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England 60 v Scotland Seniors will be played at Burnopfield , Durham on Monday 9th June 1pm start.
An International v Wales Seniors is also projected at approximately the same time.

Regrettably the two Series v Australia 60 and Australia 70 proposed for 2014 will not now take place.

“The 60+ Tour by the Australians was cancelled by us on January 7th because the Australian Seniors Committee headed by Kerry Emery and Organiser Stirling Hamman have refused, despite repeated attempts, to accept a generous compromise on the early retirement rule.—relating to both Age groups.

The compromise was that six County matches would be played with the Australian recycle/ retirement rule and the further six matches and the Test matches would be played under Seevent rules with no retirements.

This the Seevent Committee felt was a very fair gesture after the AGM when the democratic vote by the 32 Counties was heavily 26/6, 80% of the electorate in favour of no retirement.

Website Minutes:

"The Australians Tour here was in some doubt as only 6 Counties would accept the Australians retirement rule, formerly at 35 and now at 50.
Many commented if they wanted to come here they should play cricket as it has always been played and not try and impose on us ‘’mickey mouse/ farcical’’ cricket.
Suffolk and Gloucestershire were happy to play retirement at 50 but 25 counties were against. The Chairman will discuss further with the Australians.
It was felt the Australian Captain can always call his own players in if he is unable to vary the Batting order match to match but that the English Counties would play as normal.
As they wish to play upwards of 15 matches in three weeks, they would have more than enough batting, certainly more than their UK counterparts!"

The Seevent Committee also suggested that for all future Over 60 /Over 70 Tours both here and in Australia, the same 50/50 split for all State/ County matches should be fairly implemented.

This was also refused by the Australian Executive who insisted all matches must be played to recycle.

Furthermore, we made a request for any Australian Tour over here should be conduited entirely through the Seevent Chairman or designated Committee member/ Organiser, for all fixtures. When we tour Australia this is what happens. We never received any acknowledgement on this issue.

The Over 70 Tour to Australia

Over January and February( after the 7th January Over 60 cancellation) Hugh Milner received six more differing itineraries from the Australians for the 70+ Test series and State matches, after the first one ( October-December 2013) had been agreed by Rob Wilson and Joel McGlyn, costed, planned and all our Tourists advised, and agreements reached for availability and family inter-connections.

Originally involving South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania, four itineraries were costed and circulated to the prospective English tourists, seemingly with the knowledge of the Australian Committee, as well as sent by their Over 70 Manager Rob Wilson.

However, the final three itineraries sent by Stirling Hamman were proposed with fundamental differences to the dates, number of matches, but more critically the insistence on visits to Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Victoria instead of South Australia, Victoria and TasmaniaThere was no guarantee that still further itineraries would not be proposed by the Australians. As a result the Australians were advised by Dr. Gil Collins and Hugh Milner on the 11th February that the England 70s would not be touring."

The Future


Recently there have been moves by the Australian Organiser to split his Touring Party into two Teams, under the ACT and NSW banners but this has fallen through because only a couple of Counties were willing to play them.

A fresh invitation for the 1st XI July/ August 2014 visit was sent to the Australian Committee yesterday. All County Organisers were copied in.

Other News

Final negiotiations are currently taking place for a Tour in March 2015 to a major Cricket playing Nation, under ICC rules.

We also have pleasure in announcing that we are playing Scotland Seniors on Monday 9 June, ground TBA, somewhere in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area.

There is also a possibility of a 2 day match against Sir Ian Botham’s XI on Alderney during August.

Martin Pearse


We must apologise but due to events outside our control we have neen unable to access the Website during the last three weeks. We now have a new Administrator, Derrick Sheldon whose details are on the Menu. Please send all fixtures to him.

Michael Webb

It is with great regret we have to announce the death of Michael Webb, our Website Administrator at his home. Michael was a loyal servant and helper to his beloved Surrey, for whom he scored at many hundreds of matches, and since he joined the Spitfire Organisation, had been a great asset. Very courteous, friendly and extremely efficient, he will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Our sincerest condolences go out from all of us to his wife Lyn, his children and grandchildren, at this tragic time.

2014 Fixtures

All 1st fixtures and a few 70+ matches are now on Play-Cricket although very few grounds are shown as these details were not available. However, venues can be added by individual counties once they have been confirmed.

Nearly all fixtures are now listed on this website, with just a few 70+ dates outstanding. Please advise if any discrepancies are found, or when further dates and grounds have been agreed together with start times for matches late in the season: we can then make the published information as accurate as possible.

Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the AGM held on 27th November can be read by clicking here

Play Cricket Sites

The revised Play-Cricket layout is now available, although there are still a few teething problems. The Main Play-Cricket Administrators are sorting out problems as raised by various users, and some alterations (such as being able to view players' statistics without loging in to the system) have already been made. Individual Club Administrators will have received emails from Play-Cricket relating to progress of these changes. Any problems should be referred to Play-Cricket via the system helpdesk.


The Spitfire Championship kit sponsor DMS Sports is offering sponsorship packages to all the counties this coming season. They are offering a wide range of playing kit, training and leisure wear items which are personalised with your logos.

Contact DMS on / 0800 458 9973 for further information.


The Constitition for 2013, ratified at the AGM is available via the menu on the left of this page. This document includes the 2013 Rules as Appendix A and 2013 Playing Regulations as Appendix B. These are also available via the "Rules & Regulations" option as in previous years. The Constitution also includes Appendix C; Code of Conduct and Player Behaviour, 2013.


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