Seevent National 60+/70+
County Cricket Championship

President : Roger Dakin
Vice Presidents Henry Blofeld , Peter Baxter

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Results and League Tables week Commencing 30th May

I will be away from Wednesday June 1st to Friday June 3rd so there will be a delay in the publishing of results and updated league tables next week.
All results reported after 10 am Wednesday June 1st will not be published until the evening of Friday June 3rd.

There is a vacancy for a backup Website Administrator so if anyone with above average IT skiills is interested please let me know.

Derrick Sheldon


England 70's Squad for the 2016 Ashes Series

Following the net squad session at Leicester on the 21st April, the following 18 man squad has been selected to represent England in the three Test Matches series against Australia.

Martin Pearse Capt. Norfolk
Chris Lees Vice Capt. Cheshire
Micky Swain Hampshire
George Fox Leicestershire
John Stuck Essex
Neil Blackey Hampshire
Ron Walton Wales
Ted Williams Cheshire
Colin Breed Kent
Alan Hitchmough Derbyshire
David Ingham Northamptonshire
Stuart Lott Devon
Martin Woodward Worcestershire
Ray Clarke Surrey
David Gambie Devon
Jeff Baxter Leicestershire
Rod Warboys Kent
Andy Barnes Sussex

Brian Cole Suffolk
Rod Cooper Somerset
George Batty Worcestershire

The Test Matches,which will be 12 a side games,will be played on the following dates;

Wednesday 13th July at Old Buckenham CC

Wednesday 20th July at Radlett CC.

Friday 29th July at Burridge CC

The selectors would like to thank all the players who attended the net sessions at Leicester and also for their enthusiasm and commitment which was outstanding.
It was difficult to make the final selection because of the very high standards of all participants. Clearly at our age their is a strong possibility of injury or illness and therefore the squad may have to be amended at a future date. I wish you all a very successful cricket season this year,and look forward to meeting up again later.

I will be in touch with the selected squad shortly about playing kit.etc..

Barry Briscoe England 70+ Manager


1st XI Play Offs 2016

Last 16 From Sun 7th August – last date playable Friday 19th August

Last 8 Sun 21st August to Friday 26th August

Last 4 Sun 28th August to Friday 2nd September

Final Sun 4th September / Tues 6th / Wed 7th September


NEGOTIABLE (if both sides agree) Sun / Mon / Thurs

Committee Note: As ECB 50 play on Sundays, we would recommend the same, if possible, ie the matches commence on a Sunday, obviously both sides must agree.


Secretary asks Home Team to call heads or tails and email him the answer.

Secretary asks Away Team to call heads or tails and email him the answer.

If two are the same, Away Side wins.

If different, the Home Team wins.

This would give participation and an email trail for record.

Martin Pearse


Seevent Playing Regulations 1.4

Please note that is no actual cut off time to comeplete a match and that all matches should be completed if at all possible as per Playing Regulation 1.4.

The Close of Play Time is ONLY used for the calculation of overs remaining to be played following an interruption. If, in the opinion of the umpires, the conditions for the players are safe, and the light playable, the match will continue until the required number of overs has been bowled or one side has won.

Martin Pearse


Group Matches Cut Off Dates

1st XI Competition - August 4th 2016
2nd XI Competition - August 5th 2016
70+ Competition - August 6th 2016

Competition Organisers

1st XI Competition - Martin Pearse
2nd XI Competition- David Yorath
3rd XI Competition - Hugh Milner
70+ Competition - Hugh Milner


England 60+ Ashes Tour Winter 2016 Update

The Seevent England 60+ squad enjoyed another training session at Edgbaston on Sunday 22 April in preparation for the forthcoming tour later this year. The squad were supplied with their touring playing kit together with more formal attire in readiness for the trip down under. After many photographs the players took part in a long training and net session so no doubt there were many sore bodies in the following few days. The tour itinerary is almost finalised and will be published in the next few weeks. The next preparation event is a ‘challenge’ match against last year’s Champions Somerset – to take place at Kidderminster on 22 May.

See the Internationals page for squad photos taken at Edgbaston.


Constitution, Rules and Regulations

These have been updated as a result of the decisions at the AGM and can be found via the Constitution, Rules and Regulations page.
It is essential that Captains, Organisers and Umpires are familiar with them for the coming season.
The Committee have agreed the following by way of clarification:

Qualification of players:

Rule 2 (b): All players must be registered on the Seevent National 60+/70+ County Cricket Play-Cricket website. No unregistered player will be permitted to play in any Championship match. Click here for the guidelines on how to register your players for the Seevent Championship.

Rule 2 (h) is new and means that a player may not play for their 2nd XI once he/she has played 7 or more games for the 1st XI in the coming season.
This helps define the words ‘regular members of the 1st XI’ in Rule 2 (i).
2(i) is meant to cover using 1st XI players making up the numbers in the 2nd XI, rather than genuine cases of borderline 1st/2ndXI players. Counties will want to use common sense in following this rule and not debar players from having a full game of cricket.

The reference to ‘current international players’ in 2 (i) means those who represented England in the season 2015 or in 2015/16 overseas. If Counties want to play such a player in their 2nd XI for whatever reason, they should contact the Secretary. A list of current internationals will appear Here shorlty.

Players who are not eligible for a County or Wales under Rule 2 (b) require special registration. Counties and Wales should ensure that such ineligible players are specially registered with the Secretary before they play in a match. A list of such players will appear Here shortly.

Penalties for playing an ineligible player are set out in Rule 2 (g).

Dave Yorath


The Seevent Committee are happy to announce the following Group Representatives, covering 60 1st (2nd / 3rd) and 70 1st.

Clive Ricks ( W Midlands)
Len Attard (West))
Alan Steers (North)
Nick Andrews(Midlands)
Andrew Jenner (South)

All will be responsible for directing any Committee requests/decisions to their 5 County Members and offering suggestions for improvement on an annual basis,  only to the Committee, via Richard Owen. There will be no 'Blanket Coverage' of all 30 Counties. The paper chasing, email barrage and politics last year, from primarily just one group,  was considered unrealistic and by centralising any traffic to Richard Owen cuts down an enormous workload.

We are committed to increasing the player base dramatically.

Also, as we discovered last year, can all 5 organisers please ensure that the relevant Counties' Committees views/votes are the ones put forward, not  just that of the Organisers nominated, as happened last year, when votes were changed  at the AGM from the Organisers recommendations.

In October 2016, the 5 organisers, having collated their seasonal findings,  will be invited to the pre AGM Committee meeting in London

Martin Pearse


The new Season is nearly upon us and everything is in place for 2016.

The Committee has restructured both of the International Teams, being very aware of the amazing difference and improvement in the standard of the Australians 60+ side last year. We expect that there will be similar improvements in this years Australia 70+ side.

In the 60’s, the new Captain is John Foster (Shropshire) and the Vice Captain is Chris Swadkin (Kent). Both are top performers with stats to match in ECB 50 /Seevent Cricket and Representative Cricket. The Manager is Andrew Clarke (Shropshire) and the two advisors are Martin Pearse (Norfolk) and Richard Owen (Derbyshire), last years 60 Selectors.

In the 70’s, the new Captain is Martin Pearse (Norfolk) and the Vice Captain Chris Lees (Cheshire,) again replicating stats with their 60 counterparts. The Manager is Barry Briscoe (Worcestershire) and the two Advisors are Dr Gil Collins (Hampshire) and Hugh Milner (Sussex).

The Committee  would like to thank both Martin and Hugh, who as respective Captain/Managers for the 60’s and 70’s have both put a lot of time and energy into the International games with a lot of success.  Martin won 12 Internationals with 1 Tie and 3 losses (2 Wales, 1 Australia).
Hugh  won 7 Internationals including 2 test series against Australia and lost a test series to Wales 60+/65+ by 2 games to 1.

The 60’s Team to Australia has been selected folowing the nets at Leicester and the 25 who attended the nets was whittled down to 16 with 1 further player likely to be added. The16 players already selected can be found on the Internationals page.

Australia 70+ Tour of England July 2016

Please see the Internationals page for further details including the full fixture list and the players chosen to attend the training / selection sessions at Leicester on April 21st.


Tour details and the players selected can be found on the Internationals page.


Please remind all your scorers and all your officials who enter scorecards that all losing teams should be allocated the appropriate number of batting and bowling bonus points. The winning team receives the standard 22 points for a win only.

Batting Bonus Points : Up to a maximum of 5 are awarded at 125, 150, 175, 200 and 225

Bowling Bonus Points : Up to a maximum of 5 are awarded for every two wickets taken eg at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Seventh Seevent DMS National County Over 60/70 Cricket Championship AGM

Minutes of the 2015 AGM held on 25th November 2015 can be read by clicking here

Post Meeting Note: Under Item 111.6 in the AGM MInutes, the Committee notes that by way of preamble to the discussion and resolution of this item, Bill Early, as representative of  certain 70+ Counties, explained the consensus that the 70s Counties had come to on numerous issues at the request of the Chairman, who had asked for this to be done so as to reduce agenda time. However, despite this request and the consensus provided prior to the AGM, there was considerable discussion on these proposals and this also covered a host of 70s related matters. The vote of all Counties being able to vote on 70+ matters changed the dynamic somewhat, , plus some  original 70+Counties changed their vote from the original consensus

The Constitition for 2016, ratified at the AGM is available via the menu on the left of this page. This document includes the 2016 Rules as Appendix A and 2016 Playing Regulations as Appendix B. These are also available via the "Rules & Regulations" option as in previous years. The Constitution also includes Appendix C; Code of Conduct and Player Behaviour, 2016.


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