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Please note that all the tables on Play Cricket for all divisions and all age groups have been corrected.

Please remind all your scorers and all your officials who enter scorecards that all losing teams should be allocated the appropriate number of batting and bowling bonus points. The winning team receives the standard 22 points for a win only.

Batting Bonus Points : Up to a maximum of 5 are awarded at 125, 150, 175, 200 and 225

Bowling Bonus Points : Up to a maximum of 5 are awarded for every two wickets taken eg at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Seevent 70+ Representative XI vs Victoria (VOSCA) 70+ Kidderminster 19/7/2015

With players in the Seevent Championship Over 70s West/Central Group descending on the Kidderminster Victoria Cricket Club from Sussex, Hampshire, Somerset, Worcestershire and Warwickshire, the Kidderminster Club had prepared and excellent pitch.   After early rain, the ground soon dried and the captains Hugh Milner (West/Central 70+) and Ian Sharp (Vosca) spun the coin with the Ian calling correctly.   The Victorian chose to bat and in the first twelve overs, the score rattled along to 50 for no wicket.   Then in successive overs, Clive Smith from Hampshire sent both openers Rob Wilson and N. Crane back to the pavilion having scored 22 and 25 respectively.   The middle overs were bowled by Hugh Milner (Sussex) and George Batty (Worcestershire 70+ captain) who slowed the Victorians’ advance.   In their 18 overs only 45 runs were scored.   Terry Dunn was forced to retire suffering from illness after scoring 38 runs and he was ably supported by E. Whitton who took 18 off John Lindley’s second over.   The Victorians finished with 183 runs from their 45 overs.   The home side’s bowlers returned figures of Clive Smith 2 for 39 in 9overs; John Lindley (Somerset) 2 for 60 in 9; Hugh Milner 1 for 26 in 9; Udho Maharaj (Sussex) 1 for 33 in 9; and George Batty 0 for 19 in 9.

The West/Central openers – Neil Blackey (Hampshire) and John Day (Warwickshire) – after a cautious start set about despatching the bad ball to the boundary across a fast outfield.   The Victorian total was passed in the 37th over without the loss of a wicket.   Neil Blackey scored 105 not out with 15 fours whilst John Day scored 66 not out with 10 fours.   A ten wicket win for the West/Central 70+ side whilst their “juniors” were performing so badly at Lords.

The next Seevent representative match with the Victorians involving the East/South Group will take place on the 29th July at the Sunbury on Thames CC.

Important Please Take Note - Reporting of Results

Results are still not being reported within 24 hours of the conclusion of matches to Derrick Sheldon the Seevent Website Administrator.
This morning (Thursday 16/7) there were 4 outsanding results across Div 1 West, North and East unreported and one of the away teams made a complaint about their match not being reported. A knock on effect of this is that the updating of the league tables is delayed.

So from next week any team not notifying Derrick of the result within 24 hours and  any team not entering scorecards on Play Cricket within 72 hours will as per the rules incur a 5 point penalty.
Most Leagues hand out points deductions like sweets so I feel we have been more than lenient !!!

I am have sent this same message out to all the County organisers

Martin Pearse


Group Cut Off Dates and all Play Off Dates can all be found on the various Play Off pages

July 2nd / 3rd - Australia defeat England to clinch the Test Series 2-1

Day one at Sunbury saw slightly overcast but humid conditions as the Captains tossed up. Martin Pearse for England and Colin Cooke for Australia.

SKY TV were there to film the days play and the toss, interviewing both Captains .

Spots of rain were evident as Captain Cooke called correctly and sent the English into the 11am heat (about 75°).

Australia’s openers Ian Pethcrick and Pat Logue survived the England seam attack of David Pegg and Martin Ivill, but the latter especially caused many problems and no doubt would have claimed a couple of lbw’s with a more lenient umpire At 10 overs the score was 30-0 and the introduction of Nick Andrews initially lasted two overs, with Bob Plowman being brought on. In over 16, Plowman’s short ball elicited the first wicket when Petherick smashed one hard to square leg and Ian Caunce caught a hard difficult chance to his right. Soon after, Logue on 47 was run out by Ray Swann after misjudging his partner’s call. By this time, England’s spinners were exerting a stronghold and at lunch England had bowled a remarkable 45 overs in 2 hours 15 minutes, with Australia 126-3.

The very dangerous Phil Drescher was England’s main worry and he had already hit 2 ‘sighter’ fours when he attempted to put Andrews over the mid wicket boundary. He got about 85 yards there but Duncan Elder held a fine tumbling catch and virtually, immediately Ivill caught another stunner diving at long off to catch Greg Quinn. 163-5 in 52. The wicket was what could optimistically be called ‘sporting’ with an unusually very high bounce and Micky Kenyon and Ray Swann were in the ascendancy. No 3 John Dedman stood his ground on a caught behind and received a free Test Match sledging from an infuriated Swann, but the very next ball, Dedman smashed it back at the Northants player who warmly showed him the way to the pavilion. At the crease now were Rex Bennett and Jimmy Quinn and with hindsight now batted very sensibly, although the England team were very content there were so many dot balls. These two put on 44 in 16 overs to take the score to 220 in over 72 when Martin skied one to Kenyon off Swann for 17 in 46 balls. With both Kenyon 20-4-52-0 and Swann 20-6-51-4 bowled out, Bennett 44 off 72 was finally stumped by Richard Owen off Nick Andrews. 13.5-2-51-3. England were off the field at exactly 4.17 , having bowled their 79.5 overs in ten minutes over 4 hours with Australia totalling 263 all out. Ivill bowled particularly well with 8-2-21-0 with Plowman 13-5-47-1 and Pegg 5-1-22-0.

So England had 80 overs to get 263. On paper an easy task. But that wasn’t taking into account the bounce and the Aussie quicks. First ball, Rex Bennett bounced Nigel Bloch who nearly hit it straight down fine leg throat. But it was 4-0. Bennett’s pace and variation was causing both Ian Caunce and Bloch immeasurable problems, but the latter pluckily kept hooking and cutting, despite being dropped off an absolute sitter at gully. Caunce survived a flat pull to deep leg off a Bennett bouncer, but by this time anything slightly off line was being despatched to the ropes by the hard hitting Oxfordshire opener. In over 10, a massive straight six off skipper Cooke caused a lost ball and the replacement provided, unknown to the England skipper, was a brand new Kookaburra. 1-0 to Captain Cooke.

Caunce continued attacking and with him at the crease it was a different match. However, having blasted 78 in 52 balls, he top edged spinner Jimmy Martin to fly slip, and from that moment onwards the game changed. 105-1 in 19 overs. Bloch’s innings of 25 in 64 ended immediately after, as Bennett’s replacement, Phil Drescher removed him and Ray Swann in three balls, the latter to a superb slip catch by Dedman off an expansive drive. Drescher’s pace and energy into the batsman was something the English batsman rarely see in ECB 50 cricket, let alone Seevent 60. However, when Martin removed Steve Lynch trying to hit him over long on, caught Drescher at short third man for 3 in 15, the game had changed beyond all recognition. England were 117-4 in 25 overs, a horrible transformation. And still 55 overs to get only 147 !!

But worse was to come. Bennett, named ‘Wrecka’ in Oz and a bowler used by the Australian National Team to bowl at the Aussies proper Test 1st X1 and whose ‘bunny’ was Mark Waugh, was even a step up from Drescher. Certainly the best bowler your correspondant has seen in the 60’s and even the ECB 50’s currently, it was only when he slightly over pitched, runs were scored . Elder and Pearse put together a small stand of 18 in 10 overs, but Bennett then completely wrecked England’s hopes with Elder 16 in 39 caught and bowled off a leading edge off the splice, Pearse 10 in 26 lbw and Andrew 1 lbw in 6 to the prodigiously swinging Kookaburra. 3 wickets in 8 balls. England 139-7 in 35. Martin Ivill in hindsight might have been a better choice much higher up, as England’s reliance on attacking was indiscreet with 60 overs still to bat but , Ivill too, departed to a stunning slip overhead catch by Dedman off Ian Southall for 23 in 36 and after Bob Plowman was bowled by a wicket keeper/seamer/spinner/fitness coach Greg Quinn, it was all over bar the shouting . Quinn must be commended as Caunce was already on the way to the pavilion without scoring off Bennett, caught behind by the Aussie wicket keeper, but he sportingly called him back as he was unsure whether the ball hit the ground as he caught it. Dave Pegg with 14 not out and Micky Kenyon showed why he bats at 4 sometimes for Yorkshire with 13 in 32 balls. England finally perished in the 51st over, with Kenyon lbw to Scott and Australia celebrated wildly as they had every right to do.

So England’s dominance of 10 wins and 1 tie, before last week’s defeat at Middleton and the decider at Sunbury, was finally over and a new era begins, as always happens in sport! In October 2016, England 60 have been invited back to Australia and Team Selection will be analysed taking into account player’s fitness and mobility, especially in the heat. Australia played effectively 20 matches in 26 days, incredible when you think about it for 60+ years old. Much, much fitter and conditioned than before, they have set a benchmark the England Selectors will be carefully looking at for the future. Quinn had them out warming up thoroughly and warming down---in every game---and this is something that has all but disappeared in 60’s cricket.. This will be adopted into the England’s team itinery for the 2016 Tour, with a physio/ trainer in the squad. Thanks to Sunbury CC for the two days hospitality, Sarah and her team for the food , Neil and Dale Umpires and Veronica the scorer.

Also highlight of the Thursday night Dinner was a typically extremely amusing speech from Club President, Roger Dakin , famed for his after dinner homilies !!

Finally , congratulations to Colin Cooke and his very likeable team, too good in the decider, but ----------beware a wounded Pom !!

June 28th - Australia defeat England at Middleton-On-Sea to the level the test series

Australia were 41 for 3 in 10 overs with the first three victims all bowled.   Then Phil Drescher hit 67 in 43 balls (7 fours and 4 sixes) until well caught on the square leg boundary by Keith Daniels off of Ray Clarke.   Jim Smallbone bore the brunt of this onslaught going for 41 runs off his first 4 overs.   This was the ground where Jim suffered a sudden cardiac arrest three years ago to the day and was brought back to life with CPR by the Sussex keeper -Micky Tindall.   After dismissing Drescher the England bowlers then took charge and the next three wickets fell for 12 runs with Smallbone taking a superb diving catch low to his left to dismiss Greg Quinn off of Brian Brogden - the ball lost in his huge hand!   Unfortunately this supremacy then suffered with an 8th wicket partnership of 61 between Rex Bennett and James Martin which took the score to 199. The last three overs took the score to 217 all out.   Best England bowlers were Ray Clarke with 2 for 20 and Keith Martin with 2 for 23, each bowling 10 overs.

England's batting was soon under pressure with John Edward caught to a fine catch by Kevin Meikle at long off; Duncan Elder yorked first ball and Amarjit Lall out leg before for 11.   31 for 3 off of the first 11 overs was not a good base for a chase but Chris Swadkin and Andy Barnes set off to recover the situation and this 4th wicket partnership put on 84 runs until Barnes was given out LBW for 18 attempting to sweep Quinn in the 29th over.   Swadkin soon followed dismissed by a fine catch by Ian Petherwick at short midwicket for 71 (13 fours).   It was then the turn of skipper Ray Swann and Keith Daniels to seek to rebuild and all was going well until multiple mis-calling by both players, ending with a mid-pitch conference on whether there was a single or not!   There wasn't and Swann was run out for 21.   Keith Daniels tried to recover the position and his skipper's favours and when caught for 30 with the score on 174 and only 15 balls left the target was virtually beyond reach.   England's finally totalled 190 for 9 - 27 runs short.   Whilst Paul Drescher significantly added to the Australian total, it was the Australian 8th wicket partnership of 61 runs which set a more difficult total.

Ray Swann awarded Paul Drescher the man of the match for the Australians and Colin Cooke awarded Chris Swadkin as the England man of the match.

Both captains thanked Middleton Cricket Club for being excellent hosts with special thanks to Peter Clark (volunteer groundsman and his wife, Sally Clark, for masterminding the off field activities and catering.

England beat Australia in the first Test Match


The new look Australia O60 Team arrived at Halstead on the back of seven easy victories, one difficult one and one defeat, albeit off the last ball. England were inserted on a typical batting paradise at Halstead and Nigel Bloch started as if he was in a T20. 7 off the first three balls, but unfortunately Amarjit Lall didn’t run a fourth when it was distinctly possible and sods law, was caught fifth ball of the first over. David Robinson survived a very confident caught behind, but both he (7) and Bloch (24) departed to the ex Queensland partner of Jeff Thomson, Colin Cooke, who had an analysis after 5 overs of 3-13. Game on----- 43-3 in 9 overs. Chris Swadkin and Neil Calvert set about repairing the damage and despite some very accurate and variations on pace from Rex Bennett , 8-2-19-2, England crept steadily upwards to 129-4, when Swadkin, on 57 and looking totally impervious to any pressure, was run out going for a sillyish second run. Calvert, then on 37, was joined by Captain Ray Swann and these two took the score to 227-5 in 47, before Swann was lbw for 34. Calvert on 96 drove a screamer back at Cooke who caught it at the second attempt and Tee (1) perished looking for a boundary. Colin Stubbs (3 not out) and Bob Plowman (5 not out) saw England to a (at the time) slightly below par of 237-7.

Englands team was packed with spinners and all top quality at that... Trevor Shales and Bob Plowman stifled the Australian openers, who, after 13 overs, were 27 without loss. Shales struck first, having Cordy 9 caught by Southwell off 35 balls. Plowman then struck, McIlwain also caught by Southwell 18 off 41 and then the Australian’s best batsman, John Dedman, bowled first ball. Phil Drescher, subject of many phone calls about his six hitting ability, ‘100 yard boundary needed Pearsey’ arrived and immediately the tone changed, especially when he smashed an unbelieving Swann for 17 in his first over. However, on 40 in 25 balls, he aimed high to the deep mid wicket boundary, nearly 100 yards and fielder David Robinson, having initially misjudged, ran back and across, stuck out his right hand (and should have gone to the bookies straight away, as Lady Luck was in abundance here). This seemed to totally deflate the visitors who then scored 14 runs in the next 9 overs with the England spinners having them on a stranglehold. Martin Southwell 1-2-25-1, Trevor Shales 8-0-27-1, Bob Plowman 10-1-20-2, Dave Tee 10-0-32-2, Ray Swann 5-2-23-1 and Colin Stubbs 7-0-37-1, can all be pleased with their contributions as England won the 1st Test by 71 runs.

Please note cancelled, postponed and abandoned matches must all be reported using the same deadline as completed matches.
It is highly recommended (as per the Play Cricket Help page) not to enter cancelled etc on Play Cricket but leave the match as an open fixture as the county fixture administrators can then change the date to the rescheduled date themselves.
Once cancelled etc is entered the fixture becomes locked and only Peter Pearson can unlock it or create a new fixture.


England 70s, having beaten the Australia 70s in August 2013, in the first official 70+ Ashes series, have been invited to tour Australia to defend the Seevent 70+ Ashes in October/November 2015. There will be three Test Matches played in Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra. Additional games will be played in Queensland, in Sydney and possibly at The Bowral (Don Bradman’s home ground) against the Australian Capital Territory/Southern Highland Over 70s.

Following his success as Captain and Manager of the England team against the Australians in 2013 and a 70s Tour to Wales in 2014, Hugh Milner has retained the captaincy for the Australian Tests. He will also take on the role of Manager and is busy seeking sponsors and backers for these Seevent Ashes.

He said “It was a fantastic experience being the captain of a winning side against the “Old Enemy” in 2013.   The Wales matches gave an opportunity for other 70 year olds to get a taste of “international cricket”.   I never imagined in the 1950s, when I started playing adult cricket, that I would still be playing cricket when I had reached 70 years of age let alone still playing and performing in seniors’ county cricket and representing my Country as captain. It is beyond all dreams.

“We have a great all-round squad for the Seevent Test Matches in Australia and have drawn from players who are still playing over 60s cricket for counties where the 70+ game has yet to be established”.

The squad is – Hugh Milner (Sussex); Jeff Baxter (Leicestershire); Derek Birmingham (Kent) plus wife; Alan Cook (Leicestershire); Derek Ebbage (Worcestershire) plus wife; George Fox (Leicestershire) plus wife; Howard Johnson (Sussex) plus wife; Udho Maharaj (Sussex); Roger Maynard (Surrey); Hugh Milner (Sussex) plus wife; Barry Peay (Sussex); Graham Penny (Suffolk) plus wife; Bob Perrett (Suffolk); Jim Phillips (Shropshire); Kevan Pratt (Essex); John Stuck (Essex); Ron Walton (Wales); Trevor Warburton (Umpire); Kevin Bethell (Scorer)

Hugh Milner is endeavouring to raise significant sponsorship to help fund the Tour and to help the England team to meet the individual costs. He would be pleased to discuss sponsorship with any potential backer.

Sixth Seevent DMS National County Over 60/70 Cricket Championship AGM

Minutes of the 2014 AGM held on 26th November 2014 can be read by clicking here

The Constitition for 2015, ratified at the AGM is available via the menu on the left of this page. This document includes the 2015 Rules as Appendix A and 2015 Playing Regulations as Appendix B. These are also available via the "Rules & Regulations" option as in previous years. The Constitution also includes Appendix C; Code of Conduct and Player Behaviour, 2015.


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