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Seevent  O60 2nd XI FINAL

Sept 24th : Cheshire beat Surrey by 2 wickets

Seevent  O60 1st XI FINAL

15th September 2015 at Great Oakley CC Corby, Northamptonshire

Somerset v Yorkshire

Amazing fortune smiled on all associated with the Seevent Final as thunderstorms bucketed down within 2 miles of the ground for most of the afternoon, whilst at Lewin Rd, Great Oakley, NN18  only a few drops were received all day – not enough for any interruption. And the Awards Ceremony was conducted in bright sunshine, a final irony to the season’s end.

To the cricket. The strip was good, very good. The square was about to be covered on the Mon pm by volunteers, but the heavy rain forecast arrived 3 hours early. Result – one very sodden square. But Gt. Oakley Groundsman, Mick Yorke, was used to such things and was optimistic about play. “We might get some rain circa 4pm, but generally here, we are clear, whilst Corby cops it.” And so it proved.

Yorkshire won the toss and inserted Somerset, who probably would have batted anyway. In truth, the match was won and lost immediately, but who was to know that? Both David Stephenson and Andy Ashfold were dropped off Taylor and Ivill without really troubling the scorer and after Graham Poulton had departed to a (non)  shot, probably accidentally copied from the plethora of recent 20 over Televised slogfests, Somerset dug in. Stephenson played some sumptuous drives and both kept the score ticking over. Yorkshire’s usual trump cards. Martin Ivill, Micky Kenyon and Phil Taylor were all well through their overs at halfway with Somerset 73-1. Accelerating with the advent of Brian Wilson, Zahid Ali and John Flintoff, Somerset lost Ashfold on 41 circa the mid nineties. Simon Hopkinson (38) kept up the strike rate and the injury to Murphy Walwyn was beginning to hinder the Northerners, whose fielding suffered as well. Stephenson eventually  perished on 74, tired but content as they posted a competitive 193-7 in their 45 overs, with 80 coming in the last 12.

Yorkshire started promisingly, very much so, as John Flintoff and Martin Ivill punished the Somerset openers, not so tight as the Yorkies. Indeed, it was actually starting to look like a procession as they had 65-0 in 18 overs on the board. Then Ivill fell, for a well constructed 30. Worse was to come for the Northeners as Flintoff’s innings came to an end on 38. Miles Rawlings then pulled a short dirt tracker to square legs left and Richard Newport took a very good catch.
Indeed, one very marked difference in the two teams was the fielding with Somersets’ athleticism superior – Ashfold, for example saved  two certain fours early on with diving steps at cover.

Then things got markedly worse for Yorkshire as Brian Hodgson (0) on 91-4, was cleaned up  attempting to cut an optimistically called pea-shooter, and the ever dangerous Murphy Walwyn slotted an inviting full toss, not over the boundary, but into a grateful Brian Brogden’s  awaiting mitts, a very good catch in the context of the match.

So, with 4 wickets falling with next to nothing, 89-1  turned into 96-5 and , the game had changed on its axis. However, Mickey Kenyon and Phil Taylor have been there before and they started to repair the situation .96-5 became 142-5 with 9 overs left. Spinners Brian Brogden, Norman Botton, Mike Smith and Dave Stephenson weren’t giving anything away and when Kenyon perished, bowled by Botton for 27, Captain Alan Steers was run out, 143-7, Zahid Ali was caught and bowled by that man Stephenson for 0 and Phil Taylor slotted one down Iain Locke’s throat at deep mid on for 23, that was effectively that.  153-9.............. Brian Wilson (4)  was the last wicket with Tommy Stafford on  3 not out, a bat in his hand, rarely seen...

Botton was the pick, nearly MOM  3-32, Smith 2-29, Brogden 1-31 and Stephenson 2-14.-who was the Man of the Match !!

Many  thanks to Mick Yorke and his wife Vilma, daughter Abby, and John for all the food, hospitality and of course the ground. Also, thanks to the scorers Helen Heald, Dave Yorath in left wing mode, as he admitted yesterday, he is a good friend of Jeremy Corbyn!

Plus, of course the EAPL Umpires, Barry Toombs and Mervyn Mann. However, it was all down to Steve Edwards who organized the whole day for Seevent, liaising with Mick Yorke. Thanks Steve !

10th September

Seevent  O70 - FINAL

Sussex v  Surrey
10th September at Horsham

Sussex held on to their 70 title by dint of no stars, just a team effort with a lot of experience.  Many teams were confident this year but individual performances don’t trump team effort, and so it proved...
Surrey inserted – and it was a bad toss to lose -  were quickly off the mark with Jeff Greenwood Hove, having a season of a lifetime if his Play Cricket records are anything to go by,  crashing 28 out of 35 before being bowled by Mark McNeile. 35-0 became 37-5 and that was effectively game over, a total transformation as Andy Shanks wrecked Surrey comprehensively, Mike Plumridge, Roger Maynard and Nick Kingan all departing for ducks on Surrey’s biggest ever day. Hugh Symes’ 24 in 57 gave some (very, very slight) hope as Surrey totalled 85 in 41.5, Shanks 3-11, McNeile 2-21 and Hugh Milner 3-14.
Sussex lost Lloyd Stickells for 0 but William Jones (43 not out in 82) and Barry Peay (32 not out in 69) cruised through to an easy victory in 27 overs.
Congratulations Sussex!

9th September

Yorkshire and Somerset progress through to the final which will be played Tuesday 15th September at Great Oakley CC (near Kettering) - 12 Noon Start  

Seevent  Over 60 1st X1
Semi Finals

Yorkshire travelled to Kent and another slow start didn’t do them any harm. Miles Rawlings obviously having a mid life resurgence as his 59 for the second consecutive innings and 72 from the ever reliable all rounder Martin Ivill, backed up by a typical 32 from Murphy Walwyn, saw them post 200-6.

Kent’s talisman Chris Swadkin, endured a miserable end to the season by falling lbw to that man Ivill and England’s leading spinner at age group level, Micky Kenyon at 60 (and probably 50 as well!) again demonstrated his class with 3-13 as Kent were strangled ending up on 128-8.

So Yorkshire try to emulate  their Champion ECB over 50 side!

Somerset got off to a real flier 77 in 11, but despite David Stephenson’s quick fire 57, were restricted, if you can call it that, to 195 all out, Bill Lawrence taking 3-17.

Gloucestershire however, lost their talisman Keith Daniels who went from hero to zero in one week (cricket-wise that is), lbw immediately and from then on, despite John Evans gritty 68, were never, ever in it, bowled out for 126. So both teams in the Final Yorkshire and Somerset, are newcomers.

Who to back?....... Like every other Final in history, it is who steps up on the big occasion!

Previous winners
2009     Norfolk
2010     Cheshire
2011     Cheshire
2012     Cheshire
2013     Kent
2014     Essex

2nd September

Over 60s 1st XI Quarter Finals

Gloucestershire enter the first Semi courtesy of their cricket mad captain Keith Daniels 105 in 114 and Bill Lawrence 76 in 85 balls – a cracking start which effectively finished Sussex off, 133-0 in 25 overs. Gloucestershire  amassed 281-6 in their 45 and Sussex, despite Graham Baker’s 102 in 121 and Mark Shimmons 43 in 43, were never close enough, 252-5 in their 45.

 Gloucestershire now host Somerset who scored 180-8, Andy Ashford 52 and Norman Botton 42. John Thomas bowled his 9 overs for 9 runs. Pretty economical!
Essex however, just couldn’t get going needing 60 off the last 6 overs and due to Simon Sargeant’s 79, they got within 13 .....

Kent were bowled out for 148 at Brixworth by the effective Northamptonshire’s attack with Peter Eames 48 with Anil Joshi 3-14. Northants were cruising at 109-3 but then the wheels came off coming 9 runs short, desperately missing Ray Swann’s experience.

Hertfordshire were bundled out for 70 in a major surprise with Murphy Walwyn taking out Eric Riddle and Duncan Elder and then Martin Ivill removing David Robinson and Colin Warne 30-4 and very difficult to come back from when there is Brian Wilson, Micky Kenyon and Phil Taylor in tandem to continue the misery.  70 was Herts total and Yorkshire’s John Flintoff’s 46 not out and Ivill’s 26 not out knocked them off in 15.3.

Over 60s 1st XI Semi Final Play Offs

Kent v Yorkshire                             Tues 8th – Wed 9th – Thurs 10th            Gravesend CC

Gloucestershire v Somerset          Tues 8th – Wed 9th – Thurs 10th          Frocester Cricket Club

21st August 2015

The COMMITTEE have decreed three days each week SUNDAY –as per ECB50- Tuesday and Wednesday.
 IF the two teams agree to make alternative arrangements, that is acceptable

However, it is unacceptable for  home teams to expect visiting teams to take 3 days off work and possibly incur large Hotel Bills , if rain affected,  which is why we allocated Sundays, just like the ECB50.

BUT------ IF THE VISITING TEAM DOESNT   AGREE to THREE DAYS OUTSIDE THE ALLOCATED WINDOW,  THEN THE SCHEDULE REVERTS BACK TO THE SUNDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY scenario and the Toss will be decided either by the two teams if still at the venue together, or , if not, by Richard Owen and Gil Collins, on the Wednesday night.

Full draw with seedings are on the Play Offs Page

2nd Division Play Offs

The Draw for the 2015 Play Offs and Bowl can be found on the 2nd Division Play Offs page


Please note that all the tables on Play Cricket for all divisions and all age groups have been corrected.

Please remind all your scorers and all your officials who enter scorecards that all losing teams should be allocated the appropriate number of batting and bowling bonus points. The winning team receives the standard 22 points for a win only.

Batting Bonus Points : Up to a maximum of 5 are awarded at 125, 150, 175, 200 and 225

Bowling Bonus Points : Up to a maximum of 5 are awarded for every two wickets taken eg at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Important Please Take Note - Reporting of Results

Results are still not being reported within 24 hours of the conclusion of matches to Derrick Sheldon the Seevent Website Administrator.
This morning (Thursday 16/7) there were 4 outsanding results across Div 1 West, North and East unreported and one of the away teams made a complaint about their match not being reported. A knock on effect of this is that the updating of the league tables is delayed.

So from next week any team not notifying Derrick of the result within 24 hours and  any team not entering scorecards on Play Cricket within 72 hours will as per the rules incur a 5 point penalty.
Most Leagues hand out points deductions like sweets so I feel we have been more than lenient !!!

I am have sent this same message out to all the County organisers

Martin Pearse

Sixth Seevent DMS National County Over 60/70 Cricket Championship AGM

Minutes of the 2014 AGM held on 26th November 2014 can be read by clicking here

The Constitition for 2015, ratified at the AGM is available via the menu on the left of this page. This document includes the 2015 Rules as Appendix A and 2015 Playing Regulations as Appendix B. These are also available via the "Rules & Regulations" option as in previous years. The Constitution also includes Appendix C; Code of Conduct and Player Behaviour, 2015.

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